I am a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge.  I have a broad Laura Kelleyinterest in animal behaviour and sensory ecology. My research primarily focuses on the production and perception of visual and acoustic signals, including visual illusions in the sexual displays of great bowerbirds and the acquisition and function of vocal mimicry in songbirds.

Before joining the University of Cambridge I was a Senior Lecturer in zoology at Anglia Ruskin University.  From 2010 to June 2012 I was a research fellow in the Centre for Integrative Ecology at Deakin University in Australia, working with John Endler on the sexual displays of great bowerbirds.

In 2010 I completed my PhD on vocal mimicry in spotted bowerbirds at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Dr Sue Healy.  Details of my work are given on the research page.

I am extremely grateful to the EU and NERC for funding my research.


Contact me:

Email: lak44[at]cam.ac.uk

Twitter: @lauraakelley

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